Monday, March 28, 2011

Captain Captain industries Official Mixtape Vol .1

Recently the guys at Captain Captain industries where kind enough to feature me on one of their mixtapes. After listening to it I have discovered on a few new names to watch out for including Triptonikhan and The Olympics to name but a few . Anyway if you want to submit music to the guys for their up and coming mixtapes you can email them at:

You can download the mixtape:Vol 1 HERE

* Bill Murray Beats - Original Production
* Natalie Portman (Prod. by Little Ruckus) -
Lane Weaver
* To the Top - Purple Asteroid Cadillac
* Memory Lane - Fooch Tha' MC
* The Battle of China - Spank the Chemical

* Theme - Ligidium (C.C.I. Debut!)
* From Her - Lane Weaver
* Goodbye - Heath Morris
* Rough Eels! vs. Open Your Heart -
Original Production
* Ex Nihilo - Schismatic
* Smoke Over Santa Cruz - Triptonikhan
* Let's Kill Will - The Olympics
* Florida - Library of Alexandria
* I Want You Back (M. Jackson Cover) - Abigail
* Piano Beats - Original Production
+ 5 Secret Bonus Tracks


  1. interesting, will give it a try!+followed

  2. Pretty cool stff I'm hearing, here. :)

    btw, lose the word verification. D:

  3. thanks Neuroquila I have removed the word verification from my blog thanks.

  4. nice music! normally i listen the harder stuff but this is relaxing thanks)

  5. i thought it was creative as heck. loved the drums and stab. super cool. sample was crafty.

  6. that was quite nice indeed.. liked +follow

  7. Thanks for the shout-outs! Definitely looking for some more contributors for Vol. II -- Spank the Chemical Christians has already been confirmed for the new 'tape. Interested in participating? or!

    One love :

    -C.C.I. xxx