Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sun Chime-Spank The Chemical Christians (Contact juggling and dance by Dianna David)

The tune is an attempt to fuse drum and bass and acoustic guitar. Music By Spank The Chemical Christians. The Tune is called Sun Chime and is available for free download under a creative commons license at The contact juggling and dance is done by Dianna David a physical entertainer and movement storyteller among other things who resides in Vancouver, Canada who was kind enough to let me use the footage. She has featured in a one woman five character show called take a closer look where she showcases some of her many talents including acting, hip hop dancing and contact juggling. She has also featured in a Visa commercial in 2007. You can learn more about Dianna David at

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Battle of China-Spank The Chemical Christians

My latest piece made using virtual chinese instruments. The Footage
is taken from The Battle of China a public domain video that was issued
by America as propaganda to highlight ties between America and
China against their common enemy Japan who it was feared at the
time were hell bent on world domination.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Remix Competition

I am currently running a remix competition for a track called The Gargling Gurgler. Link here:

The winner will be submitted for play on RTE 2XM digital radio in Ireland and be posted on blogs etc and will receive as much promotion as possible. All entries that are well recieved will get posted in some form of another with full credits going to the remixer.

anyone looking to do a remix of this let me know hers a link to download the tune for free:

And here is the sample pack:

All remixes will be posted up somewhere and the best will be sent in to a few digital radio stations and submitted to a few blogs. Any takers on this one fire away and let me know.

E-mail me with questions/submissions spankthechemicalchristians(at)

Happy Remixing!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oil Rush A poem by Joanna Ballard

I had recently made aquaintance with a unique individual who snapped me out of what I was doing musically and pulled me into another world. After a few short exchanges back and forth via mail it had been decided we where to try and fuse two very different sounds. To properly inform you on the subject I must first give a short bio on the ever vigilant Joanna Ballard.

Joanna Ballard is a jack of many trades. She hails from Louisiana U.S.A and is among many things a poet/storyteller/artist/jewelery maker/activist and all round humanitarian. She has followed around two ministries in Shreveport documenting and highlighting the plight of the homeless there and has has exhibitions on in aid of this cause. She is also if she does not mind me saying somewhat of a walking encyclopedia on Louisiana.

This particular poem/song in question deals with the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which has destroyed much of the ecology in the area, played havoc with peoples livelyhoods and has had far reaching effects on the whole globe with oil washing up on shores thousands of miles away. The poem highlights how oil barons of this world gamble with the fate of all of us and how they gamble with the fate of mother nature.

The collaberation can be heard HERE or by simply clicking on the music player on the right of the screen. To learn more about the eclectic Joanna Ballard look no further than HERE

Monday, October 11, 2010

Spank The Chemical Christians remixes Screamer by Applemax

I am delighted to announce that I am embarking on a remix of an Applemax tune called Screamer. Applemax is currently on the Tegleg label and hail from Hull in the U.K. You can check him out at the official Tegleg website. Applemax covers a lot of ground genre wise such as Experimental Pop, Electronica, Ambient Punk.

Here is an excerpt from the Tegleg site:

"Cutting his teeth as one third of shouty art punks Tartrazine, filled in with the legendary PopChrist. Also a brief dark dalliance with the nihilistic shite purveyed by Jizz, Zenab Danawi's 20 hotels and United Fruitcake Outlet (good name)before seeing the error of his ways + getting back to the music :)
Latterly involved in local electronica purveyors TegLeg, Applemax can be spotted twiddling knobs or spinning disks at some of their events. Now working on a new project with vocalist Toni Miss Lill, possibly called 'Killer Bees'."

I have just been playing around with the sample pack at the moment but hope to come up with a mix that can do the original the justice it deserves.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Qwertyping-Spank The Chemical Christians

"The sun set over the incadescent sky. As its halo merged with the horizon a solitary man appeared on the shorline marring the sand with what could only be described as a knarled stick. I watched him for a few moments before moving on to observe another"

This quote above in all its entirity is a short story I wrote........ You may be saying to yourself wow that really is short and its not REALLY a story. You may also be saying to yourself what the hell does this have to do with your music? Well if you stop projecting these thoughts into my head for a second so I can concentrate I will tell you.

Somebody on asked me recently why was the track so short and my answer to them is this. Much like the "short story" my latest track Qwertyping is VERY short. This is due to the fact that I cannot hold my attention span long enough at the moment to actually concentrate on the piece for too long and if I did in fact attempt to lengthen the track it would lose its simplistic randomness and I would also have to concentrate and this in turn would hurt my very simplistic brain!

Much like the "short Story" is not in fact a short story Qwertyping is not a song per se. It consist of a whole host of old school hip hop samples and some more modern tunes have been drawn upon such as Mr Oizo for that "flat beat" sound! These samples have been overlayed by some synths and blended together. Qwertyping is constructed in the stylings of a lot of modern "cut and paste" artists of the day with a view to develope my own unique cut and paste stylings.

I hope that makes sense to you but I fear it does not!

Qwertyping available to your ears at all times in the box to the right of the screen or at

Spank The Chemical Christians