Monday, October 11, 2010

Spank The Chemical Christians remixes Screamer by Applemax

I am delighted to announce that I am embarking on a remix of an Applemax tune called Screamer. Applemax is currently on the Tegleg label and hail from Hull in the U.K. You can check him out at the official Tegleg website. Applemax covers a lot of ground genre wise such as Experimental Pop, Electronica, Ambient Punk.

Here is an excerpt from the Tegleg site:

"Cutting his teeth as one third of shouty art punks Tartrazine, filled in with the legendary PopChrist. Also a brief dark dalliance with the nihilistic shite purveyed by Jizz, Zenab Danawi's 20 hotels and United Fruitcake Outlet (good name)before seeing the error of his ways + getting back to the music :)
Latterly involved in local electronica purveyors TegLeg, Applemax can be spotted twiddling knobs or spinning disks at some of their events. Now working on a new project with vocalist Toni Miss Lill, possibly called 'Killer Bees'."

I have just been playing around with the sample pack at the moment but hope to come up with a mix that can do the original the justice it deserves.

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