Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oil Rush A poem by Joanna Ballard

I had recently made aquaintance with a unique individual who snapped me out of what I was doing musically and pulled me into another world. After a few short exchanges back and forth via mail it had been decided we where to try and fuse two very different sounds. To properly inform you on the subject I must first give a short bio on the ever vigilant Joanna Ballard.

Joanna Ballard is a jack of many trades. She hails from Louisiana U.S.A and is among many things a poet/storyteller/artist/jewelery maker/activist and all round humanitarian. She has followed around two ministries in Shreveport documenting and highlighting the plight of the homeless there and has has exhibitions on in aid of this cause. She is also if she does not mind me saying somewhat of a walking encyclopedia on Louisiana.

This particular poem/song in question deals with the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which has destroyed much of the ecology in the area, played havoc with peoples livelyhoods and has had far reaching effects on the whole globe with oil washing up on shores thousands of miles away. The poem highlights how oil barons of this world gamble with the fate of all of us and how they gamble with the fate of mother nature.

The collaberation can be heard HERE or by simply clicking on the music player on the right of the screen. To learn more about the eclectic Joanna Ballard look no further than HERE

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