Sunday, October 31, 2010

Remix Competition

I am currently running a remix competition for a track called The Gargling Gurgler. Link here:

The winner will be submitted for play on RTE 2XM digital radio in Ireland and be posted on blogs etc and will receive as much promotion as possible. All entries that are well recieved will get posted in some form of another with full credits going to the remixer.

anyone looking to do a remix of this let me know hers a link to download the tune for free:

And here is the sample pack:

All remixes will be posted up somewhere and the best will be sent in to a few digital radio stations and submitted to a few blogs. Any takers on this one fire away and let me know.

E-mail me with questions/submissions spankthechemicalchristians(at)

Happy Remixing!


  1. This is the first entry I have recieved so far for the remix competition its by Beatmistresscait from limerick. Check it out

  2. dude that gargling gurgler remix sounded like it could have been background music on banjo-kazooie