Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Qwertyping-Spank The Chemical Christians

"The sun set over the incadescent sky. As its halo merged with the horizon a solitary man appeared on the shorline marring the sand with what could only be described as a knarled stick. I watched him for a few moments before moving on to observe another"

This quote above in all its entirity is a short story I wrote........ You may be saying to yourself wow that really is short and its not REALLY a story. You may also be saying to yourself what the hell does this have to do with your music? Well if you stop projecting these thoughts into my head for a second so I can concentrate I will tell you.

Somebody on asked me recently why was the track so short and my answer to them is this. Much like the "short story" my latest track Qwertyping is VERY short. This is due to the fact that I cannot hold my attention span long enough at the moment to actually concentrate on the piece for too long and if I did in fact attempt to lengthen the track it would lose its simplistic randomness and I would also have to concentrate and this in turn would hurt my very simplistic brain!

Much like the "short Story" is not in fact a short story Qwertyping is not a song per se. It consist of a whole host of old school hip hop samples and some more modern tunes have been drawn upon such as Mr Oizo for that "flat beat" sound! These samples have been overlayed by some synths and blended together. Qwertyping is constructed in the stylings of a lot of modern "cut and paste" artists of the day with a view to develope my own unique cut and paste stylings.

I hope that makes sense to you but I fear it does not!

Qwertyping available to your ears at all times in the box to the right of the screen or at

Spank The Chemical Christians

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